Thursday, April 21, 2011


He uses 'forest green' from the tube and he doesn't give a fuck.

i've been reflecting on a self-portrait by an old friend. i think it's a really genuine portrait, moving, inspiring and a little uncomfortable to look at. the use of both colour and media is beautiful, unusual and challenging. how he mixed the paint? is unimportant. it took me six years to notice. so who does give a fuck.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

a collection of words

somehow when i see this collection of words

pitter patter goes the rain

i adore you. the way you always arrive so unexpectedly. i love listening to you on the roof and trickling down the windows. with cold fingers in my pockets. you're a wonderful excuse for a pretty umbrella, gloves and a heavy wool coat.
with you, i love a warm cup of tea, a chocolate biscuit or two and quiet conversations about wet socks. and i want to thank you for the way you allow me to sleep in. late. oh so very late.

Friday, April 15, 2011

in half an inch

last friday i lost myself. i'd be loosing myself for sometime. i had forgotten all about taking evening walks. reading a book for enjoyment. celebrating little achievements. attending the birthday plans of old friends. sharing stories over a beer. having a quite coffee. resting. sleeping. laughing.
and so i want to say thank you. to everyone. i am grateful that it is you i have around me. even when i have been swallowed up. when i have not seen you for weeks. you are still there. and you are there again when i am found.