Monday, July 23, 2012

a sunday afternoon date date x

Yesterday, we spent the afternoon together on a slightly rambling drive out to Plimmerton. While we were there I discovered that I love Plimmerton and we both love pizza. I especially love pizza at The Big Salami corner pizzeria. It says it serves " the best pizza in the world!' and I have to agree. Even the garlic bread was a bit special, all cruchy on the outside and deliciously buttery on the inside.
It was amazing.

The Big Meat pizza and garlic bread.

Monday, July 09, 2012

i got a love that keeps me waiting

i've never really hoped for time to pass quickly, not like this anyway. i know i'm going to have a whole lot of nights when i cry myself to sleep and i'm not looking forward to it. i'm so proud of him and i know that even though this is hard, it will be good. so good, later. but right now i just want it to be november. and i want a hug. it's almost the end of day one and oh god how i can't wait for it to finish.