Wednesday, September 07, 2011

eclipse of the heart

i've been working on an artwork for charity. it's a paper collage that has been sublimate printed on to fabric. this is what i do when i'm living at Uni.

the artwork under construction

a photograph of the finished piece
i wrote...

Through the use of paper collage, scoring and stitching, I have created a composition based around the idea of the heart as the centre of all things. I have taken a conceptual approach to the heart, looking at circles as a representation of the heart. Intersecting lines define the heart motif and the abstract composition plays with the relationship between shapes.
Eclipse of the heart has been created as a gift to auction for Ronald McDonald House Charities.  This inspired me to look at quilting as a gift that represents family and the home. The piecing of quilts and the idea that the heart is what connects people to each other has inspired the subtle hand stitched lines. I have looked to the work of Bauhaus designers for inspiration. The glass compositions of Josef Albers and Laszlo Moholy-Nagy’s paper collage work have informed the overall aesthetic. The artwork has been assembled through paper collage and sublimate printing. Glowing edges from the printing process lift the circles from the background providing a contrast to the fine scoring lines. The golden circle becomes a symbol of hope set against a soft heavenly blue.

last night we had a wonderful auction night with Ronald McDonald House Wellington. the event was hosted in the Great Hall at Massey University and it was delightful.