Saturday, October 29, 2011

if i wrote you a letter in indian ink

i love digital textile design and i also love photography. in this last semester of uni i made a collection of fabrics and a zero-waste dress for our digital class.
our tutor asked us to design by looking at the theme animal, mineral or vegetable. for inspiration i researched minerals. and then rock strata, aerial photography, the movement of water, and kimono. i began drawing inky, gritty, and organic marks with water colours and somehow it became this...

the display board - with layout and font designed by holly
model - beautiful nina, a dear friend of laras'
with photography by me

the swirl dress
this is a visualisation of the 'swirl' design as zero-waste garment

the envelope dress
this is a visualisation of the finished dress
the design is garment specific, digitally printed on chiffon, and sewn with a lot of help of hannahs' mum

a wonderful project. and i am very happy with the finished collection. hurrah!