Wednesday, July 10, 2013

a little project

Me and my dear friend Hannah have been working on a little project and getting involved with NZ Eco Fashion Week Exposed. It's just a TINY bit exciting!

Over the next few weeks... we are making simple garments with sublimate printing, natural dye, and shibori patterning. Hopefully!

At the moment... we are sorting out garment patterns (mostly Hannahs job thankfully!) and testing colour with natural dyes. Here are a few of my initial experiments x

Dye colour test swatches with a lovely pink from madder root 

Collecting onion skin from generous Mr. Wilson

Onion skins create a warm golden yellow 

Silver dollar eucalyptus from Mt Victoria

Soft orange and pink colours from the eucalyptus dyebath 

 And even softer colours with mordants

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